The Smart Way


The most important benefit green buildings offer is to our climate and the natural environment. Green buildings not only reduce or eliminate negative impacts on the environment by using less water, energy or natural resources but contribute to the increase in biodiversity by encouraging plantations and maintaining water bodies on site.

Green buildings certified by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) results in energy savings of 40-50% and water savings of 20-30% compared to conventional buildings in India. This results in cost savings on utility bills for tenants or households (through energy and water efficiency).

An IGBC certified green building also addresses better health of the occupants by ensuring better daylighting, cross ventilation, and use of low VOC [Volatile Organic Compounds] products. It also encourages giving occupants access to health facilities like gym and walking trail.

Living in a green building is a giant step towards decreasing our carbon footprint and leaving a healthier planet behind for our children.